Pre-community Meeting Notification

Rezoning to allow for the venue to have a “Special Land Use Permit“

You are invited to a Zoom meeting:
Project Title: 4449 Rockbridge Rd.
When: TBD
Time: TBD
Register in advance for this meeting: Pending


What is a Special Land Use Permit?

Special uses are those types of uses which are considered by the County to be essentially desirable, necessary, or convenient to the community, but which by their nature or in their operation, have (1) a tendency to generate excessive traffic, (2) a potential for attracting a large number of persons to the area of the use, thus creating noise or other pollutants, (3) a detrimental effect upon the value or potential development of surrounding properties, or (4) a potential for creating an otherwise public nuisance.

What is the purpose of this Pre-community Meeting?

The Pre-Submittal meeting is the first official public meeting required by DeKalb County during the rezoning process. Before the applicant. (usually a developer, investor or landowner) can can submit their zoning application to the county, they have to share their ideas with the public.

Where is the venue located?

4449 Rockbridge Rd SW
Stone Mountain, GA 30083