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Make Game Night Legendary. Here’s 4 Hacks to Hosting an Epic Game Night

Here’s the thing. You want to host a game night, but it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re doing, right? Right.

Book a Venue.

If you learn anything from reading this, know this—it’s all about the venue. Just think about it. Hosting a 10+ person game night in a 800sqft studio makes it impossible to mingle and bring all your pals around for a night of spades. There are so many good reasons to reserve an event space. For example, no concerns about the neighbors listening in as you recite your raunchiest response in Cards Against Humanity.

Also, you can skip the clean-up. Nobody wants to game for seven hours only to have to spend the next three furiously wiping off tables and cleaning a pile of dishes at the end of the night.

And lucky for you—shameless plug incoming—the Social House makes it simple to reserve a space for get-togethers. We offer the perfect game night lounge for you and your guests. Book your spot here. Our event space pricing is reasonable. Ask us about our special offers!

Leave virtual game nights in the hellscape that was 2020.

Bring Refreshments.

All that winning is bound to work up an appetite. Don’t be that guy who brings a bowl of store brand ranch dip and a weak-ass vegetable tray that’s basically an assortment of celery and sliced cucumbers. Best way to make a great game night menu is to simply ask your guests. Does Nichelle have food allergies? Is Marquan a pescatarian? However, it’s not Piccadilly’s, and it’s okay to straight-up suggest the pickiest participants bring their own dish.

The best game night food strikes a balance between finger food and tapas. Easy to grab and get back in the game. Something like sliders, buffalo cauliflower, grilled kebabs, and street tacos are simple to prepare. Just be sure to serve food people actually want to eat.

Hate cooking? Reach out to our staff for details on reserving catering for your event.

And, for the love of God, don’t forget the booze.

Play Board Games for People who Don’t Get Board Games

If almost every game you bring is a hard strategy game with a War and Peace-sized rule book and a six hour play time—the party will end before it starts. Real dick move. The whole point is to include everyone in on the good vibes. By putting less experienced players on the spot, you risk alienating everyone. That doesn’t mean a night full of several rounds of Monkeys in a Barrel, however.

Mix it up!

Have a few easy-to-learn classics including Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble. Try fun card games such as Fluxx (the difficulty depends on the deck), Spyfall, and of course CAH. For beginners open to a greater challenge, there’s popular deckbuilding games like Villainous. Or, what I like to call “Yelling Games” i.e. game night trivia, Charades, Pictionary. Or, games of chance. i.e. board games with dice.

Plus, don’t sleep on Jenga--a great game to close the night. The point is to have fun. Remember that? Advanced board game geeks don’t despair. Harder games are welcome. Just realize you’ll spend most of the night spoon-feeding the rules for the umpteenth time.

And yes, you’re still the asshole if show-up with Candy Land.

Sore Losers aren't Welcome.

This should go without saying… but I’m saying it anyway. Check the ego at the door. Way too many horror stories of players taking a game to the extreme. Surviving the pandemic, for many of us, put a lot of things in perspective. Having spent months quarantined in the apartment chit-chatting over Zoom or with a wilted ficus makes one realize the importance of good friends and strong social connections.

My point is this: game night isn’t really about winning games. It’s about making lasting memories and strengthening the bonds that form the centerpiece of our lives.

Social House—owned and operated by a team of creatives—wants to be a part of making those feel good connections grow.

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