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No Offense. Your Pictures Suck. 4 Tips to Level Up Your Photography Side Hustle.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or, how about $4 million dollars? Statistically speaking, most of us aren’t gonna strike gold on a meme, but all of us can learn a few tricks-of-the-trade to snap some savage shots. If you’re a serious creator that wants to make a statement—you’ve got to nail the essentials. There’s no shortage of professional photographers that have come through the best office space for creatives (We’re referring to ourselves, of course). Here are their tips for anyone who needs an edge to break out of the “basic leagues.”

Don’t Break the Bank.

High quality photography equipment doesn’t need to cost a bag. It’s one reason why newbies in the game wash out at the start. No, you don’t need that Godzilla-sized 1976 Nikon SLR. You know, the one that fetches for 6k? You’re just getting your toes wet developing your skills. Focus on going digital. Why? Because A.) You’re gonna make a ****-ton of mistakes, and it’s easier to erase a memory card as opposed to a roll of film. And, B.) A reasonably priced lens and a tripod are easy to find. Seriously. Don’t succumb to G.A.S. Annie Leibovitz-tier gear is a step too far at this stage.

Sharing is Caring. Rent a Co-op Studio.

Regardless of if you’re shooting still life or stunners, a fully decked photography studio for rent will set you back a few bucks. Instead, renting space from an artist cooperative permits creators to line-up several sessions in a row without worrying about private property or local ordinances. Other benefits include the ability to experiment with multiple backdrops, a temperature-controlled environment, a place for models change outfits/makeup, use of a green screen, and of course privacy. Social House, a co-op space founded by creatives like you, can accommodate just about all the above. Let us make your workflow easier. Our event-space is practically a turn-key content creator studio. Hey, you gotta shoot that OnlyFans exclusive content somewhere. Am I right?

Lighting Matters.

As a photographer, you have a moral obligation to get that lighting-**** on point. Your manual focus long exposure shots aren’t fooling anyone, mmmkay. Low light. Shadows. Window light. Hair light. Get the point? How to light a photo studio is “picture taking 101.” Understand “tone curve” and how to casts shadows with the clever use of softbox light techniques and angles. These efforts intensify mood and that certain je ne sais quoi. On the other hand, bad lighting looks like something shot out of a Chuck-E-Cheese bathroom.

Keep it Raw.

It’s impossible to “git gud” without experimenting. Practice your composition. Learn exposure. Understand your camera. Rent a co-op space. Shoot Abstract. Shoot focused. Take action shots. Do Night shoots. Do Day shoots. Fear not, young Padawan. As with all things, if you really want to get started—start.

Let’s hear it. What do you think are the worst amateur photography mistakes?

Are you ready for your close-up? Get unfettered access to the only artist co-op space owned by people like you. You create. We offer the playground. Budget friendly photography studio space is a click away. Contact us for more details on reserving a photoshoot studio for rent.

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