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Rasta Pasta is Having a Moment

Remember when your only choices for your Cajun hunger pangs within the ITP boiled

down to Pappadeaux’s on the northside (not technically ITP), Louisiana Bistreaux on

the eastside, and a Popeye’s four piece $5.00 box?

While you may have dined at any of the above, the explosion of the Atlanta food scene

is shifting away from cookie-cutter food chains and evolving into a focus on intentional

community-conscious experiences. Unsurprisingly, Atlantans are eager to chop it up

after a 12 month stint of “sheltering in place” (not that anyone bothered to care) and

witnessing the not-so-subtle dismantling of American voting rights happening right

before their very eyes…

As we return to a new kind of normal, there are some things that never change.

Good Eatin’.

Bunny Eatery Pop-Up Café is bridging the gap between classic New Orleans flavor with the modern trend of fast-food fusion. In the spirit of bringing people together, the owner, Chef Bunny, is hosting both lunch and dinner at the Social House on July 15 th this month between 12pm and 6pm. The menu features freshly made salmon burgers, blackened jerk chicken, bar fried chicken and a personal favorite “Rasta pasta.”

Can’t decide? Well, we got you covered. Combos are available.

Stop isolating. Start eating. Yes, there is still the Delta variant. BUT STILL…

Frankly, it is time for creators to start sharing ideas again, breaking bread and

collaborating on their art. If you would like to RSVP, visit the Social House website.

Interested in hosting your own event? Book a communal collaborative space at the Social House started by creators for creators. Events run the gamut of open mic nights, improv, spoken word, rehearsal space, live intimate performances and more.

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